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Portfolio of Shop Projects - Air Cleaner

This is a description of my shop built air cleaner.

Click on any picture for a larger view.

The guts of this project was a $5 furnace blower motor from a local estate sale. The motor was set up for three speeds.
Here is a front view of the bezel of the unit. The blower is mounted to this plate. The switch changes the blower speed. The on-off switch is a 12-hour timer.
Then I ordered a set of standard replacement filters for a shop air cleaner. I built a simple plywood box big enough to fit the filters and the blower. Here the blower assembly is mounted inside the box.
To hold the three filters I made a simple arrangement of three plywood slots. They are just the right size so that the little door, when closed, holds all the filters in place.
Here is a side view of how the three filters slide into the box. The two filters toward the inside are standard shop airfilters. The outer filter is a standard furnace filter.
Here is an end view of the three filters being slid into place.
I am sure it is a bit heavier than the standard store bought model, but it definitely moves around more air, too. It is knid of heavy, but here it is hanging in my shop.

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