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Trophy Stand

I haven't done much segmented turning before, but to make a sizable trophy base (approximately 10" diameter by 4" high) of ebony, segmented turning seemed like the best approach. Here is what I did... Comments, suggestions, better approaches are always welcome! The pictures are a bit dark... it's hard to photograph ebony..
Eight-sided rings seemed like the right mix of conserving ebony and not having too many segments. My homemade miter jig was able to accurately cut segments which required no further tweaking.for this project.
Glue up for the top
Example of one of the four rings. Once aligned I also clamped it between cauls to keep it flat (not photographed)
Once each ring was unclamped, I fed it through my drum sander to make sure the faces were flat, parallel, and free of glue squeeze-out.
Here is the stack of rings glued together...
...and mounted on the lathe. It is glued and screwed to a plywood base which is screwed to a faceplate.
Back of the mounting scheme
Here is the base roughly round, and with a recess cut to mount the top
The top is glued on.
Since the base was both glued and screwed, I removed the screws and turned the base round
Here we are, dyed (to help the ebony be really black) and shined up
...and better still, safely parted off the lathe. Not shown - I reverse turned the base by covering the plywood disk with foam and used the tail stock to hold the base against the disk. Works well as long as your tail stock quill has enough travel. That's it!

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